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Glo Hyper Plus - Frosty Gold
Glo Hyper Plus - Frosty Gold
Glo Hyper Plus - Frosty Gold
Glo Hyper Plus - Frosty Gold
Glo Hyper Plus

Glo Hyper Plus - Frosty Gold

Bright two-color design. For use with new Neo Demi heatsticks only! Boost function deliver more taste. Developed by British American Tobacco (BAT).
Complete kit includes: Glo Hyper Plus tobacco heater device, Cleaning brush, USB-C charging cable, Glo Hyper Plus user manual.


Advanced Heat Technology.™ Simple Tobacco Enjoyment.

We have come together to create a new way to experience tobacco. One button operation and a feedback pulse tell you all you need to know about your upcoming session. Each session can last up to three and a half minutes with the ability to perform 30 consecutive sessions from a single charge.

The Features Of Heating Tobacco With glo:

- Advanced heat technology™

- Less odour compared to cigarettes*

- Heated for the real taste of tobacco

- Single button interface

Advanced Heat Technology™

Tobacco heating products use blended or processed tobacco, just like conventional cigarettes. They work by heating tobacco sufficiently to vaporise the nicotine and some other volatile compounds in the tobacco into an inhalable aerosol stream, but not high enough to burn the tobacco. As a result, the aerosol produced by tobacco heating products contains fewer toxicants, the majority of which are at significantly lower levels than in cigarette smoke.

How It Works

It’s really simple. Just take one of the specially designed neo sticks and insert into the glo device. Once the stick is inserted you simply press the button, wait for all the lights to come on and feel it vibrate. The device is ready to use. Inside the glo device the tobacco is gently heated. Most cigarettes burn at around 900°C, but neo sticks are heated to around 240°C.