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Lil Solid - Dark Navy
Lil Solid - Dark Navy
Lil Solid - Dark Navy
Lil Solid - Dark Navy
Lil Solid - Dark Navy
Lil Solid - Dark Navy
Lil Solid

Lil Solid - Dark Navy

Easy to use all-in-one device, with 20 sessions on one full charge, and 4 sessions in a row. Dual Heat technology. Designed and produced in South Korea. For use with Fiit or Heets heatsticks.
Complete kit includes: Lil Solid device, Charger, USB type B cable, Cleaning device, Cleaning sticks (10 pcs).


IQOS introduces Lil Solid to bring a smoke-free future even closer.

Imagine a world where everything is simple, easy and convenient. A world where there is nothing superfluous, but the most important thing remains. A world of enjoying the taste of real tobacco, but without smoke and ash.

Lil Solid is a new affordable smoking alternative based on DUAL HEAT technology. A special heating element evenly heats the tobacco from the inside to a temperature of 350 ℃, revealing its true taste and aroma.

The tobacco in Lil Solid heats up rather than burns, so there is no fire or ash during use. This means that there is no risk of burning your clothes or furniture, and you do not risk damaging the carpet or upholstery in the car by falling ash.

Also when using Lil Solid, tobacco vapor (aerosol) is emitted, so there is no smell of cigarette smoke.