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Ploom S 10 - Blue
Ploom S 10 - Blue
Ploom S 10

Ploom S 10 - Blue

Ploom S 10 is light and elegant device, that comfortably fits in the palm of your hand. Unique Heatflow™ heating technology for bright flavours and new sensations. For use with Winston heatsticks only.
Complete kit includes: Ploom S 10 device, Charging USB cable Type C, User's manual.


Technology and senses meet together in new Ploom S 10.

It is 25% lighter than Ploom S. And offers 10 consecutive sessions with one charge.

Awaken your senses with Ploom. Our unique HeatFlow ™ tobacco heating technology creates a completely new taste experience.

Ploom was designed to be comfortable and easy to use with a smart control system, a ribbed heat chamber that needs minimal cleaning, and no tobacco or ash smell. Stylish design and rich taste.

With Ploom, you will discover new sensations and pleasures while enjoying the true taste. It's more than just a tobacco heating system ... it's a Ploom.

Lightness and comfort in your hand - Our thoughtful and lovingly crafted Ploom has been ergonomically designed for your comfort.

Intuitive design - The modern design of Ploom combines style and ease of use, and a well-thought-out control system of the device allows you to always be on the same wavelength with it.